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Continuing with this month’s special feature, profiling the lovely competitors that make up WBFF Bikini Pro Krissy Adam-Schofield’s Team Fit Starts Here. Be sure to check out the last profile and welcome Lindsay Smith to the blog!

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Whether she’s jetting off to Greece with a soccer team, riding the waves at a Costa Rican surf camp or finding zen at a yoga retreat, Lindsay Smith loves to combine her adventurous spirit with her passion for healthy living. The nursing student and Cole Harbour, N.S. native believes health and well-being are the essence of life. With a background in nutrition, Smith says she is happiest when she’s fueling with whole foods, exercising her body and keeping up with the latest trends and hot topics in the health and fitness field. On May 25, 2013 Smith will take the stage as a competitor in the WBFF Nova Scotia Championship but still found the time to answer a few questions for Fatty Got A Fitness Blog.

What made you decide to compete?:

While working out at the gym last year, I was approached by my previous coach who saw me working hard day after day and suggested I set a goal, like competing in a bodybuilding competition. I did just that and competed in the Bikini Model category at the NSABBA in April 2012 – I have been hooked ever since!

Why have you chosen the WBFF?:

I have chosen the WBFF because after learning more about it, I feel it’s the right fit for me and it’s so important to feel confident and beautiful on stage surrounded by fellow supportive competitors. I think being able to showcase stage presence and grace in an evening gown as well as posing suit really exemplifies what a competition should be about!

Tell me about your coach, WBFF Bikini Pro Krissy Adams-Schofield:

I met Krissy only two short months ago but she has completely changed my entire outlook on my diet and training, and I have gained massive insight and have seen amazing results while working with her! She is by far, the best coach I have ever had and have so much respect and admiration for her. Her client’s health is what it comes down to and that is what drew me to her in the first place.

Before her, I now realize I was eating way too few carbs and doing way too much cardio, all with the goal of being stage-ready in a few short weeks which compromised my health and well-being. I had very little energy, found it very hard to focus in school, and was getting nowhere with my results and felt like I was stuck.

It is incredibly demotivating when you are unknowingly over-working yourself and feel you can’t push any harder and are stuck at an unhappy place with your mind and body. Krissy helped turn that all around for me where I am now seeing positive changes each week, feel full of life and energy all the time and I really feel like my body is functioning properly again and I can’t thank her enough for that!

How has being part of Team Fit Starts Here helped you through your prep?:

I feel honored to be part of Team Fit Starts Here – surrounding yourself with positive people all with a common goal helps the process immensely! All of the girls on the team are so wonderful. It’s amazing to share this journey with others and I wish them all great success!

What have you found most surprising about the contest prep process?:

I have discovered that the mind needs to be stronger than the body, and on so many levels! Everything from blocking self-deprecating thoughts to not diving into that peanut butter jar when I feel a craving coming on, it all comes down to the mind and a little thing we call will power.

Every day there are challenges during prep, from not wanting to drag myself out of bed to get my morning cardio in, to not indulging in my favorite protein bar when going to Popeye’s or even putting almond milk in my coffee.

It is not easy but I get through it by knowing that in three weeks when I step on the WBFF stage for the first time I will be happy that I didn’t indulge in my moments of weakness and I’m sure I will want to do it all over again!

In what ways have you surprised yourself during your training?:

I have surprised myself by being strong and pulling through when I need to and keeping focused. Doing a competition challenges you in so many ways and I find I learn more about myself every time I compete. It has definitely made me stronger and I have learned to value myself more than ever before.

What is the biggest misconception people have when you tell them you’re competing?:

I have learned that I need to be specific when talking about competitions with people and can’t just say I’m competing in a “bodybuilding” competition, back when I did the NSABBA, because people assumed I was trying to gain a ton of muscle and actually be a bodybuilder where the bikini category is not like that at all! I have a lot of respect for body builders of every size, but I feel people are unaware of how vast a sport it is and there really is a category for everyone, depending of what show you choose.

What advice would you give to someone who was considering competing but was unsure?:

I would say that anyone who puts their mind to it and believes they can compete, can compete! Due to human nature, the first thing we want to tell ourselves is that we can’t do something because it’s easier than trying, where failure is our greatest fear.

I had the opportunity to complete my first prep with a best friend of mine, so having a support system is critical. Anyone out there who has been thinking about doing a show should go for it because as far as I’m concerned anyone who successfully endures the journey of prep and makes it to the stage is a winner!


Favourite exercise:
Lat pulldown and pull ups because they make me feel strong and powerful!

Least favourite exercise:
Deadlifts – no matter how hard I work on my form, I always feel them in my forearms more than my hamstrings. I’m sure one day I’ll learn to love em!

Favourite clean food:
Oats! They are the ultimate clean food because they keep me satisfied throughout the morning and can be used in endless delicious clean recipes!

Favourite “dirty” food: If I could have a cheat meal everyday my current go-to is homemade peanut butter burgers with sweet potato wedges and curry mayo. I would also kill for my boyfriend’s french toast palooza which is made with ezekiel bread and battered with 1 whole egg, 1/2c egg whites, stevia, vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg topped with almond butter, Nutella and sliced bananas!

What three things do you absolutely have to have in the gym with you?:
I absolutely have to have my iPhone loaded with new upbeat music, my pink Popeye’s shaker cup (filled with water at this point of training or bcaas on the off season or earlier into my prep) and the current issue of Oxygen on my steady state cardio days.

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