Q&A with WBFF competitor Jade Martin…

This is the first in a series of posts that will profile the members of Team Fit Starts Here as they come into the final weeks before the WBFF Nova Scotia on May 25th. This group of amazing women have been working their butts off (literally) under the guidance of coach, team-sanity-keeper and WBFF Bikini Pro, Krissy Adams-Schofield.

First up is Jade Martin!

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Jade Martin has turned the Freshman 15 into a career devoted to helping others. After putting on a few too many pounds during her first year of University, the Dartmouth, N.S. native took charge of her health and started a long-lasting relationship with physical fitness.

Martin worked at the front desk of a local health club to pay her way through school and says she was inspired by seeing the positive results of the members who came through the doors. Feeling motivated to achieve her own amazing results, she started working out and was quickly hooked. After making the transition from the front desk to personal trainer, Martin decided to branch off on her own, launching Jumpstart Fitness. After two years in business she has her own gym and over 50 happy clients.

Martin took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for Fatty Got A Fitness Blog ahead of her WBFF stage debut at the Nova Scotia Championships on May 25, 2013.

What made you decide to compete?

I am always trying to push fitness to new levels and competing just seemed to fit. When some friends and I decided to watch the NSABBA show a few years back I knew I had to get on stage. My best friend Lindsay and I decided to go through the process together and plunged right in. We competed side by side in the bikini division last year and it was a great experience.

We have a great support system going, which is key in this sport. We prepped together, cried together, laughed together, sweated together, posed together and text each other constantly. We have both developed a love for the sport and will continue to compete together.

Why have you chosen to compete with the WBFF?

I love the message that the WBFF brings. It is about being fit, healthy, and bringing your best overall package. It is a fun and supportive organization to be involved with. Since deciding to compete with the WBFF I have met some amazing people and look forward to the others that I will meet as I continue to compete.

Tell me about your coach, WBFF Bikini Pro Krissy Adams-Schofield:

Krissy is one amazing lady. She is a coach who believes in the healthy and holistic approach to prep. She is always supportive, inspiring, and understanding when it comes to this journey. I admit I have had a few slip ups and rough patches but she is always there with a non-judgemental piece of advice.

With her I feel like no question is silly and I have had my fair share, but she is quick to give feedback and no question will go unanswered. She has truly shown me a new side to competition prep and I thank her for that. If anyone is thinking about competing, or just needs general fitness advice I would recommend approaching Krissy in a heartbeat. She is a kind person who genuinely cares about each one of her clients and offers true support as we go through this journey.

How has being part of Team Fit Starts here helped you through your prep?

All of the girls with Team Fit Starts Here are amazing. Twice a week we get together to practice posing and it is so good to chat and catch up on anything that went on during the week. To have a support system is one of the most important things during any competition prep and what can be better than a group of girls who are all going through peanut butter withdrawal?

What have you found most surprising about the contest prep process?

Contest prep is a whole new world, everything about it is surprising! While preparing for the WBFF I have found the most surprising thing is the actual people who are involved in the organization. There are so many people to go to for support, with the WBFF and Team Fit Starts Here, no matter what you are never alone.

In what ways have you surprised yourself during your training?

My time management skills! Trying to fit in meal prep, eating every few hours, working out twice a day, running a business, training my AWESOME clients, working part time at the hospital, planning a wedding and holding it down with my step son can all be quite overwhelming. However, with good support and the determination to succeed it can be done……but hey, everyone needs to relax once in a while, it is all about balance.

What is the biggest misconception people have when you tell them you’re competing?

That we starve ourselves. Like, hello, I eat every 2.5 hours!

What advice would you give to someone who was considering competing but was unsure?

I would say go for it! You never know if you don’t try. It is a sport that gives you so much self gratification and you feel really amazing. Throughout the process you will learn so much about yourself and how much you can push your body. It is an incredible process to go through and I think that you should dive in head first!


Favourite exercise:

Pull-ups! When I first started working out I always had my mind set on a goal of being able to do pull ups. I could hardly hang from the bar when I first started and now I can get 6 unassisted pull ups. It is a very empowering feeling! Also, anything to do with shoulders.

Least favourite exercise:

I have never liked doing legs, which sucks because they are such an important part of a workout regime.

Favourite clean food:

I look forward to oats every morning, and have recently discovered spaghetti squash! So amazing.

Favourite “dirty” food:

I am a sucker for peanut butter…..and I mean eating it with a spoon.

What three things do you have to have in the gym with you?

To get my best workout in I need to have my BCAA’s, my I-pod, and my fiancé. Yeah, I know I’m a sap but he is my biggest motivator and helps push me to be my best. I can’t get possibly through cardio without my tunes, and BCAA’s are so important for muscle recovery, along with tasting amazing!

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