Product Review: Krisda Stevia Sweetened Chocolate Chips

There’s not much more satisfying than biting into a gooey chocolate chip cookie. When avoiding refined sugar is something you’re concerned with, though, the sad reality is that a simple pleasure like a chocolate chip cookie may no longer be an option.

The big label food producers jumped on this reality by offering a slew of “sugar-free” baking options, but they only replaced refined, processed sugar with refined, processed artificial sweeteners. I’ve aimed to buy chocolate in its more pure form, as dark as possible, 70% or more, for baking but I’ve never been a big fan of super dark chocolate and find it somewhat unsatisfying when I want something a bit sweet.

Enter Krisda semi-sweet chocolate chips.

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The one where fatty got a cookbook…

I like to cook, I’m just not very good at it. When looking for a cookbook I have to look for a few key things. The recipes have to be simple, without a bunch of lingo that I will never understand, and involve simple ingredients. Nothing drives me more crazy than a cookbook that makes you buy a bunch of stuff that fills up your cupboards that you only use for one recipe.
Enter, “So Easy” by Ellie Krieger. She has a show on the Food Network called Healthy Appetite apparently (or so says the back of the book), but as I’m not much of a TV person I’ve never seen it. That may make you wonder why I chose to buy this book as part of my Boxing Day sale shopping. The answer is pretty simple; I opened the book up and took a glance at some of the recipes. There’s pictures (always helps me choose what I might like to try) and the instructions are generally two paragraphs maximum, sometimes less.
I knew immediately that it was the type of cookbook I could handle so I moved to the front of the book to get an idea of who the author is. Things that caught my eye was the declaration of “Delicious-Healthy-Easy” YES! That is exactly what I want. Another thing that really impressed me was that Kreiger stresses the importance of using real food. Nothing is made “light” by adding a bunch of no-fat or low-fat food that is full of chemical additives and processed in laboratories. It’s real, hearty food served in proper portion sizes without the need to add full fat creams, sauces, butter, etc. She categorizes food into “Usually, Sometimes, and Rarely” while stressing that someone shouldn’t have to deprive themselves to eat healthy. It’s like this book was made just for me!
I went through the book and marked off some of the recipes I’d like to try and out of 150 possible choices… well let’s just say there’s a lot of coloured tabs sticking out the side of the book right now. I can’t wait to dive in further and start cooking! I, of course, will let you know the results.Want to know more about Ellie Krieger? Here is her website: