Product Review: Krisda Stevia Sweetened Chocolate Chips

There’s not much more satisfying than biting into a gooey chocolate chip cookie. When avoiding refined sugar is something you’re concerned with, though, the sad reality is that a simple pleasure like a chocolate chip cookie may no longer be an option.

The big label food producers jumped on this reality by offering a slew of “sugar-free” baking options, but they only replaced refined, processed sugar with refined, processed artificial sweeteners. I’ve aimed to buy chocolate in its more pure form, as dark as possible, 70% or more, for baking but I’ve never been a big fan of super dark chocolate and find it somewhat unsatisfying when I want something a bit sweet.

Enter Krisda semi-sweet chocolate chips.

These chocolate chips contain no artificial sweeteners, they’re gluten free, high in fibre and most importantly, sweetened with stevia – NOT SUGAR. I won’t deny being excited when I saw these on the shelf, but there was still that touch of lingering skepticism. I mean, how good could these really be? They don’t have any SUGAR.

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5g of fibre and 4g net carbs per tablespoon?! That’s just awesome.

My experience with some stevia products in the past has been ho-hum. Depending on the brand, I find there can be a lingering, bitter aftertaste so when embarking on this review, I mentally prepared myself for a let down.

I was absolutely not let down.

First thing I did after opening the bag was stick my nose in and take a big whiff. It smelled exactly like a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips – sweet and chocolaty. Next step was to take a few out, two to let melt in my mouth and two to chew through. In both experiences, the texture was smooth, it melted easily and when chewed, I could not tell the difference between the stevia chips and any other kind.

I will say that after swallowing, they did leave the slightest hint of bitterness on my tongue but I think if they were used in baking rather than eaten alone, that wouldn’t be an issue.

The second test was to see how well they melted under heat (outside of my mouth) so I popped a couple more into a bowl and threw them in the microwave on high for 30 seconds. At first, when I took the bowl out, I thought they hadn’t melted because they looked perfectly intact. I was pleasantly surprised when I pushed down on one that it had melted through into a smooth, creamy liquid chocolate which was just as tasty as the solid version.

I give the Krisda stevia sweetened, semi-sweet chocolate chips a solid 9/10 and can’t wait to toss these into some healthy baked treats in the future!

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