Product Review – Enerjive Quinoa Snack Crisps

Back in January I promised you a review of these snack crisps. I had hoped to do it before I managed to eat them all, so since I only have two servings left I figured it was time. (Is that a spoiler for what’s to come? I think it might be!)

How I came to know about this product is pretty random, actually. Where I live I sometimes have a challenging time finding particular foods that I want, especially when it comes to organic food. It’s getting better around here, the gluten-free and organic options are ever-increasing but in many cases they are often only available in larger metropolitan areas or online. I had been researching different retailers that shipped to my area when I stumbled upon this website for Enerjive Food. What immediately caught my eye was a “Look who’s eating Enerjive” feature on the sidebar which had a picture of someone I know. I realized immediately that not only did this company ship, but they were Canadian – bonus! The company is based out of Ottawa, ON and was founded by Naturopathic Doctor Joel Lee Villeneuve and Culinary Artist Korey Kealey.

The website had some strange formatting errors which appears to have been fixed for the most part but it was easy to find the main products that they sell: spelt & buckwheat granolas, herbal infusions, protein pastas, and quinoa snack crisps. I wanted to try everything but not knowing whether or not they would be good products (and the fact that I love snacks) I opted to start with the crisps.

They come in a few different flavours; Chocolate Fix, Lemon Berry Burst, Apricot Orange Zing & Apple Cinnamon Cozy and Original Oh-My. I ordered two family size, 500g boxes (chocolate and lemon berry) for $24.99 each and they were delivered very promptly via courier.

The first thing I did was check the serving size on the bottom of the box, which really doesn’t mean much to me because I’m crap at math! haha Good thing my handy kitchen scale isn’t! I always find it easier when I get big containers of things to immediately divide the box into servings. That way it’s near-impossible to accidentally overeat beyond what I had intended to, and it also made storage a bit easier since the box was pretty large.

I was surprised by how much ended up being in a serving. It’s a decent sized snack! With many snack foods, even natural or “healthy” ones I find they tend to think you can eat a ¼ cup and be satisfied but it never happens. Then came the big decision – which one do I try first?! I went with the chocolate and it was love at first bite! I am a lover of dark chocolate as it is but this was delicious. Just a hint of cocoa without being overwhelmingly sweet. I’ve found since I started eating clean I’m not as big of a fan of sweet things so these were perfect and tasted real. They were also very satisfying. Once I finished a little packet I didn’t feel the urge to have more. I was able to just savour and enjoy what I had.

In all I give the Enerjive Quinoa Snack Crisps two huge thumbs up and I can’t wait to try some of the other products they have. If they are anything like the crisps I will be very happy with them!

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