Vb6: The start and the finish

Greetings Blogville.

Apologies for my absence. I’m certain it went completely unnoticed. LOL

In case anyone has forgotten (since it has been FOREVER) when I last wrote, I was still using the summer to play around with various styles of eating to see what works – and doesn’t work – for me. I had finished up my experimentation with Intermittent Fasting (which you can read about in the last couple of posts) and began the transition into Vb6, or “Vegan before 6”.

One of the valuable lessons I have learned over the course of the summer is that it’s really important to experiment to find out what works best for you. I also learned that there are plans that work for your schedule, plans that work for your body and plans that work for your goals. You may think that the last two are synonymous, but they’re not.

IF worked for my body in that I was able to easily stick to a schedule of fasting 16 hours a day and eating my required amount of food during the other 8. It helped quash my cravings and I had an easier time sticking to my plan than I had in the past. If my goals at that time had been maintenance of my present body composition then it would have been perfect but my goals were different so the plan didn’t do my goals justice. That’s not to say I won’t use it in the future as a maintenance tool.

My Vb6 meal plan worked for none of those three.

I told myself before starting these experiments that under no circumstances was I going to stick to a plan that made me sick but I would at least give it a week to let myself adjust. I was pretty excited heading into this and the food itself I had no issues with. I very quickly realized though that this style of eating was not going to compliment my body.

I’ve previously mentioned that I have a difficult time metabolizing carbohydrates. This became a huge factor in my switch to a plan that was 60% carbs. While many people would get excited at the prospect of a high carb diet I just got bloated, lethargic and generally unhappy. I suddenly couldn’t sleep at night despite feeling exhausted, I didn’t have enough energy to make it through my workouts, I was terribly cranky (according to everyone I know lol) and every time I ate I would lose what little energy I had.

I’m lucky enough that I am able to recognize these signs and knew without a doubt that the amount of carbs/fibre I was eating every day was having a negative effect. True to my word, I gave it a week, but my discomfort only got worse. I couldn’t even wear any of my clothes because my stomach was distended to the point that I looked six-months pregnant.

I really had high hopes for this plan, but ultimately I had to accept that it’s just not a style of eating that suits my body well. Unfortunately, Vb6 hits the record books as being not for me.

Summer is over and so is my little adventure in foodland. I’m getting back on the horse and back on my usual plan of high protein, low-to-moderate carbs and moderate fat with about eight months to undo everything I did to my poor body this summer for the sake of knowledge 😛

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