The one with the first week finish…

I’m hungry and it’s awesome.

Most people would be pretty disappointed to be hungry but I find it to be supremely satisfying. Why? Because it’s a sign that my metabolism is starting to chug along again.

I’m coming up on two weeks on my new-and-improved competition diet and I think my body is finally starting to adjust. I found it really hard at first to get all of my food in through the day because I was so full. (TMI alert) I spent more than a week feeling huge, bloated and uncomfortable but yesterday I woke up and could feel a significant difference in my body. I think I could even see it, my stomach wasn’t as distended as it was just hours before and a layer of water had disappeared from under my skin, giving me a peek at definition I hadn’t seen in months! (Oh, hey quads! Nice to see you again!)

My meal plan is adjusted so that rather than breakfast first-thing followed by a snack, I do the opposite. I get up for work at 2 a.m. and have never found myself particularly hungry at that hour… until now! I’m seriously thinking it might have to switch back because now I have my snack and two hours later my brain is going “Time to eat yet? Is it time to eat? We could eat.”

In the days before starting this journey I envisioned myself struggling to get back on plan, get into a good routine and stay away from delicious snacks but I’ve done really well. I’ve been perfectly on point the whole time, even managed to get through Thanksgiving this weekend without deviating. Granted, I did use my treat meal as an opportunity to indulge in a wee bit o’ pumpkin pie but damnit I earned that pie! 🙂 I feel a renewed sense of dedication and determination and it definitely helps knowing that the next time I see Krissy she’s going to be looking to see changes – I don’t want to let her down!

On the gym front things are also going great. My workout plan, much like my diet, has been tweaked and improved so I’m not going the same-old, same-old any more. I felt a bit like a baby giraffe this week as I adjusted to the style and pace of the new plan, I was kind of all over the place. It was really fun though and SO challenging. I can’t remember the last time I was in the gym and thought “I don’t know if I can do this, I’m so tired!” which, similarly to being hungry, might not sound awesome but it really is. It means that every time I think I can’t do this I have the opportunity to prove to myself that I can and I do.

The new plan is quite fast paced and I’m using muscles that I haven’t really targeted in the past. Now that I’m through the wtf-am-I-doing phase (also known as week one) I’m hoping that I will be able to cut the down the time it’s taking me to complete everything. I’ve established my starting weights and gotten a feel for the exercises that I’d never done in the past so I think now I’m ready to grab this bull by the horns and own it.

I’ll let you know in a week how I’ve made out with the bull. (That sounds… yeah whatever you get it. :P)

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  1. fitandhealthmag

    I always had that feeling that if you’re already tired, you feel like you just wanna give up. On the contrary, you mustn’t and can’t give up – if you can, push yourself a little further. Thanks for your ideas!

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