The one with the end of the month and the first setback…

As it turns out, if you write a blog post on Sunday and hit “save draft” instead of “publish” it still won’t be on your blog on Wednesday. Life lessons – you’ll find them here, folks!

Today is my official weigh-in/measurement day and the first month of Operation: Lean is behind me.

I really have to say that I’m feeling fantastic. I had my first slip up this weekend but I’m trying not to be too hard on myself about it. I went home to my parent’s house for a couple of days and it’s strange how just being in their house makes me hungry. Maybe it’s a psychological connection to all of the memories that I have of living there and eating or maybe it’s because I know that no matter where I look I will find snacks.

I don’t keep snacks in my cupboards and since I don’t open my roommate’s cupboards I never notice if she does either. I know that I have veggies I can eat in the fridge so when I get hungry that’s where I default to.

I got to the point on Saturday though when I sat back and thought, “How much of that have I eaten?” and I wasn’t able to answer the question. That’s how I knew I was in trouble. This would be another one of those life lessons, in ‘keeping track of your portions’.

Even if you have to count out loud every time you eat something (like, say, a cookie) it is worth it. Otherwise you start to lose track of how many you’ve had and while you think you only had 3 cookies you actually had 12… or something like that. *whistles*

Though I fell right off the wagon and landed on my ass I sprung back up and hopped back on first thing Sunday morning and put Saturday behind me. Hopefully it won’t have too big (or any) impact on my results today.

Now, I’m heading into phase two. Keeping my sights on my big end goal (the 2013 WBFF Atlantic Championships) and all the little goals that will lead me up to that. I’ve had a look at my new fitness program and can I just say – holy crap!

I don’t know whether I’m more terrified than excited but regardless I can’t wait to hit the gym.

2 thoughts on “The one with the end of the month and the first setback…

  1. I have the same problem at Mum & Dad’s, but for me it’s boredom eating. When I’m at home I’m cleaning the house or doing laundry or reading or on the computer or playing with the cats — I’m always doing SOMETHING. I find when I go to M&D’s I spend a lot of time just sitting on the couch watching TV and nothing else, and then I get bored and want something to snack on. Happens every time.

    1. What’s most annoying is that I have been there a couple times now and haven’t had that issue but because I was PMSing on the weekend and wanted to eat EVERYTHING I couldn’t stop myself. I fail.

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