The one with a humble heart…

I have the power to change someone’s life.

(You’re probably thinking, Is this what she considers humble? but I swear there’s an explanation.)

I’ve never really considered that I had any ability to influence someone I’ve never met. My career began working in news radio and I never thought about the fact that someone out there was listening to my words and that what I said might have had meaning to them someday. When my broadcasting career morphed into print journalism I still never thought about the people who might be reading my words.

Shortly after I finished my graduate diploma in Public Relations I took a job with OptiMYz Magazine which I consider to be one of the best pieces of experience on my resume. I had an amazing time working as a writer and editorial assistant and for the first time in my life I was writing from my heart. I’ve done a lot of reporting in the last decade and most of it I didn’t care about. I didn’t have a vested interest in it. In my spare time I read articles about health, nutrition and fitness and wished I would someday have the chance to write those stories myself.

That was what my (far-too-short) experience with OptiMYz gave me – the opportunity to write about my passion.

For all the articles I’ve read and the information I’ve gleaned from them, or sourced later on, I still never considered that someone out there might be reading my words and doing the same thing. Until recently, when I stumbled across a video on Facebook that completely floored me and resulted in this humble-hearted blog post.

The video had been shared by a couple of Facebook friends so it kept popping up near the top of my feed. Titled “How I changed my life”  the video description read, “Weighing 294lbs Cindy MacNeill had known for awhile that she needed to make a lifestyle change. This is the story of how Cindy took a negative thing and made a positive change that has impacted her life forever…” I love empowering stories so I hit play and heard Cindy describe how an article she had read in OptiMYz about food intolerance had led her to seek help, treat her health issues and better her life.

My article. 

My jaw dropped when I saw my name pop up on the screen in the video. I even backed it up and watched again just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. The gym this woman was using to get in shape was my gym until this past summer, also! As it turns out we also have a friend in common who tagged Cindy in a FB post, congratulating her for her success. This gave me the opportunity to express my disbelief.


I have never felt so humbled, honestly. At the same time I’m terrified that anyone can read the articles I’ve written because I’m certain some of them are not very good 😛 Thank you Cindy, for inspiring me to continue being passionate about health, writing it down and hopefully, maybe, someone else will find it useful, too.

Click here to read the article that started it all!

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