The one when week three ended…

The past three weeks have absolutely flown by. I’ve gone from the week one baby giraffe to the week three fierce lioness and I can’t believe how super pumped I am every day I wake up to be working towards such an awesome goal. In some ways I feel privileged to have such a powerful motivator in my life as being able to watch my physique change from week to week. Seeing real results makes me want to push a little bit harder every day.

I definitely am starting to see some results, too. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I hate scales. I hate how the numbers, although mostly arbitrary and not at all indicative of body composition, have a negative stigma but mostly I hate the discouraging feeling I get when I don’t see the results in the numbers that I feel. I’ve been feeling really great over the last week and knew I wanted to take my body fat percentage before I have my “official” check-in next week and that meant hopping on the scale.

I won’t deny that I was nervous standing there waiting for my Wii to tell me the damage but when I opened my eyes I was pleasantly greeted by a negative number. After plugging that into my body fat meter I discovered that I have shed some body fat – on my way to first mini-goal! After figuring out my lean mass it seems I have put on two pounds of pure muscle which is sort of awesome. I have been discouraged so many times in the past that I truly believed I was about to be disappointed. I don’t know what I would have done had things gone in that direction but knowing me, I would have pushed through it.

I have a huge boost of motivation and determination now and every day I am thinking about how I AM going to be on that WBFF stage in the spring. Following along with the Texas Championship last night certainly helped drive me towards my goal, too. 🙂

Today is my rest day and I actually really need it because I have been fighting off a cold for the last couple of days. Week three is now behind me and week four is in my sights.

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