The one at the end of week two…

Made it through another week of my road to the WBFF 2013 Atlantic Championships and I have nothing but good things to report.

My diet has been smooth sailing, I’ve had no problems staying on plan and my cravings for sweets have literally gone from uncontrollable to non-existent over the past two weeks. I’m never in a situation where I’m bored and feeling like I need a snack because I always know there’s another meal just around the corner so if I want to eat something I’ll cut up some cucumber or bell peppers and snack on that just to tide me over until I get to my next meal. (That’s happening right now actually, I’m munching on some green pepper because I know I have a full meal on the way in a half hour.)

It’s only been two weeks but I don’t think I’ve noticed any real changes as of yet. I should break down and weigh myself (I typically stay far away from scales) so that I can properly take my body fat percentage. I’m trying to get down to 15% body fat in increments of %5 at a time so I do need to keep an eye on how that is progressing, despite my reluctance to ever put any kind of focus on arbitrary numbers on a scale.

Things in the gym have also been going swimmingly! I have one leg day where almost every one of my exercises involves a barbell on my shoulders (which happens to be today) and I won’t deny that it’s more challenging to deal with the weight on the back of my shoulders after an hour than it is to deal with the weight on my legs. It’s nothing I can’t work through, though.

As for the cardio portion of my workout… LOVING IT. I can’t remember the last time I said that, honestly. I used to hate the stepmill but all of a sudden it’s become my go-to piece of equipment since I’m doing all of my HIIT cardio on the treadmill. I’ve never sweat so much in my life.

I had a rest day yesterday, I’m back at it again today and I can’t wait to jump into week three head on!

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