The one about the date…

Things have been tough, as you all know from my last update about Operation: Lean. It took me a few days to get myself sorted out and get back on track. Keeping on pace with my fitness goals was the easy part, I happily went to the gym every day and killed it no matter what I set out to do. Eating was another story.

I was kind of all over the place and once I started spiraling out of control it took some serious focus to get it back on track again. I managed though, with the help of an agreement between myself and my roommate.

I’m very much a goal/reward based individual. I need to be working towards something otherwise everything I’m doing just starts to seem a little pointless. The last couple of weeks I haven’t had any specific week-to-week goals, just the overall ones I was trying to achieve but I guess it just wasn’t enough.

I get a treat meal every week so my roommate and I made an agreement that if I could go from Saturday the 10th until Friday the 16th without skipping a meal or screwing up my diet goals then I would be rewarded with Greek food. If I make any mistakes, I get no reward.

Suddenly, knowing that I had to work hard to get that Greek food date things just fell back in line again. I haven’t had any issues since and every day I check off the date on the calendar as a small success and one more inch towards Saturday! Now I just have to think of what I’ll do for next week. 😛

In an unrelated story, some very exciting news from this week. One of the girls who works at my gym as it turns out is training for the same competition I am! She came over and asked me if I was training for a show the other day, we got to chatting and decided that we would use the buddy system to keep each other in check and maybe even work out together from time to time. I’ve never really had a gym buddy, it’s always been something I’ve done solo so I’m excited to partner up with someone and help her along the road to achieving her goals while she helps me do the same!

I’ll let you know whether Saturday involves delicious souvlaki.

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