The one about December…

December has been an interesting and life-changing month, thus far.

First, to bring you all up to speed on everything that happened after my last post, I had another successful reassessment at the end of last month. I was down another 1% body fat and five inches, matching the previous month’s numbers. I’m really starting to see it in my clothes now, too. I haven’t necessarily had to buy new clothes but what I have is fitting so much better/looser. I’ve also started getting comments from people asking what I’m doing differently because the changes in my physique (particularly the most narrow point on my waist and my arms) have become noticeable to others.

And then came December…

I didn’t even get a chance to start my new workout program this month when I came down with a terrible cold. It was unlike anything I’d ever really experienced. I hadn’t had a cold for about a year so I guess my immune system wanted to make this one count. I spent a day in the hospital with severe chest pain, having a battery of tests run on me, which then morphed into a total inability to take a deep breath and a slew of other unfortunate symptoms.

All the while, I was doing job interviews in the hopes of bettering my career prospects (a success, by the way) which took up a lot of my time just with actually going to the interviews, researching beforehand, updating my portfolio, etc. Miraculously, I only missed ONE day of training during the entire ordeal, which is now just starting to clear up more than three weeks later, because I didn’t think the doctors would let me leave the emergency room to get in a quick workout. I definitely haven’t been able to give it the same amount of gusto as I normally would, though and I find that disappointing.

Meanwhile, everywhere else, the holiday season was breeding a particular type of person. You see them every year, usually in your workplace, and they are easily described in two words: COOKIE PUSHER.

Here I am, incredibly sick and a little bit pouty, not able to give as much at the gym as usual and having to endure this exact conversation every day…

Cookie pusher: I made Christmas cookies!!
Me: Oh yeah. So did everyone else.
CP: You should try one.
Me: No, thank you, I’m good.
CP: No, really, you should try one. Take two!
Me: I appreciate the offer but I’m not much of a cookie person. (LIES!)
CP: Who isn’t a cookie person? They’re delicious. Just try one.
Me: No, it’s okay. Thanks anyway.
CP: Okay… are you absolutely sure?
Me: Yes.
CP: Absolutely? Last chance…
Me: Gimmethecookies.

Needless to say, despite my best efforts, the holidays have given my meal plans a supplement they really didn’t need. I even skipped my work Christmas party because I didn’t know how I would get through it without eating tiny cheeseburgers. That being said, I’ve changed my focus a little bit only because I was finding myself getting really stressed/discouraged over of the food situation. The WBFF Atlantic Championships are in five months so I absolutely need to lose, but I’m only going to fall further off the wagon if I’m always giving myself a hard time about it.

So, for now, just for December, my focus is more on not-gaining rather than losing. If I can maintain all the hard work I’ve already done despite temptation then great, if I somehow manage to lose even better and if I gain then I will deal with the consequences. I’m not going to gain though, because now that I can breathe again (kinda) I’m going to get right back to killing it in the gym and show those little shortbreads who’s boss.

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