The one about an oops…

Shockingly, the oops isn’t that I ate my way through the weekend or skipped out on the gym. The oops is simply that I forgot to update last week! Oops!

For anyone who has been waiting with baited breath to find out if I got my Greek food… I did and it was delicious!

Having that small weekly goal was really what I needed to keep on track with my meal plan through the week. Every time I had a craving or just got bored and wanted to eat something I kept thinking about how I wouldn’t get my treat meal if I ruined it. I would ask myself if it was worth throwing a delicious meal away for something that I would only regret later.

This was really one of the few treat meals I’ve had where I had no regrets at all. I really felt like I’d earned it after six days of working out and eating clean. A secondary bonus was that I started to notice fairly big changes in my physique (clothes are starting to get loose, pants I couldn’t fit into before suddenly fit again, more muscle definition popping up in a few different places) and it’s really awesome.

Today is my reassessment day so I will have my measurements and body fat percentage done. Because of that I skipped out on last week’s treat meal and instead had a little bag of M&M’s for dessert on Saturday. I really want to see some good results today even if it means cheating just a little 😛

This week’s treat meal will happen tomorrow so long as I get those good results, sort of a prize for good behaviour 😛 This time I’ll be heading south of the border (er… down the street) and enjoying some Mexican! Nom! (Real Mexican, too. Not Tex-Mex.)

Yesterday marked six months until the WBFF Atlantic Championships and I have to admit I’m a little nervous I won’t be ready in time. Ultimately though, I’m doing this for me more than I’m doing it for any competition so regardless of what ends up happening this spring I’m glad I’m doing it.

Six months and counting! It just got real, I think.

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