The one where another run bites the dust…

Yesterday I took part in the CIBC Run for the Cure to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

It was the first time I’ve done a run like this where I’ve actually been running for someone – my mother. It made it especially important to participate.

I fundraised $750 in the weeks leading up to the run, which was beyond my $500 goal, so thank you to the friends and family who all threw a couple of dollars my way to help with such a great cause!

My sister and I at the CIBC Run for the Cure in Halifax

It was a 5K fun run and I was running with my sister who had never done a 5K event before. It was sort of nice to not have the pressure of meeting/beating a specific time but just get to go for a run with other people.

I didn’t push myself because I wanted to stay back and support my sister’s run so it was a nice 35-ish minute jog and I really enjoyed it! It did rain but to tell you the truth I almost liked it better when it was raining because the rest of the time it was bloody humid!

I think this run also marked the end of the season for my races. I don’t have any more planned and there’s not a whole lot coming up as it gets closer to winter.

The next big run in this area is the Hypothermic Half on February 10th. I’d love to be able to get my endurance up to a half by then but we’ll have to see how things go!

And just to lighten the mood I will share with you the crowning moment of my day yesterday. On the way to the run I’m sitting in the passenger seat of my sister’s car drinking my pre-workout. I stopped drinking when she hit the brakes, then started drinking while stopped at a light but I didn’t see the light change so the bottle was still at my mouth when she hit the gas and it proceeded to spill all over me! Well done, me! (they did end up giving me a new shirt so I wouldn’t look like a slob, the other one was too big anyway! :P)

Moments before the Run for the Cure I spilled pre-workout all over my shirt – at least it was pink!

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