It feels a bit like spring out there!

I just went for the most amazing run! 😀

It’s quite mild, almost spring-like, today so I knew I wanted to get out for a bit. I bundled myself up (though admittedly ended up peeling back some layers it was so warm at one point!) and set out. Last couple of times I have been out it has been dark so I took advantage of the daylight to choose a different path.

I went through a small park and wooded area which made things interesting having to run over rocks and up grassy hills, then merged back onto the road. The path I chose had a lot more hills than I had been anticipating but there were as many down as there were up so I got a chance to take a breather and build some momentum every now and then.

I was out for about 45 minutes including a 5 minute warm up and cool down and had to make myself come in since I was starting to get damp and chilly (it’s about 3°C/37°F). It made for a fantastic afternoon, I’m now full of energy and ready to take on the evening!

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