The one where fatty had a birthday…

I can’t believe I forgot about the blog’s birthday! Shame on me.

New Years resolutions aren’t really my thing (I don’t feel compelled to wait for a certain date to set a goal) but in 2011 I decided that I was going to start up a blog and write about the things that interest me the most – fitness, nutrition, health, bodybuilding and my personal journey from keen observer to active participant.

I feel like I’ve come a long way since this blog started. I’ve gone through a lot of changes in my personal life and just as many changes in my “fitness life”. As far as body composition, I’m actually not too far off from where I was last year but I have learned more than I ever expected I would. I’m so much more knowledgeable about my own health, the way I eat, the things I do when I walk into the gym. I feel stronger and more empowered overall. I also made a tough decision last year to switch trainers. I left a trainer that I had been with since I was 21 years old, which wasn’t easy. I miss seeing Cathy but I have loved my experience with Krissy so far and can see sticking with her for a long time to come (so long as she’ll have me.)

Time for a little reflection…

It was this time last year that I went for my very first run outside in the winter while getting myself ready to run my first 5K race. By the end of the summer I had run a 10K race and hopefully this year I will be able to improve on my times.

It was this time last year that I started getting up at 5 a.m. on days I didn’t have to go to work and started going to the gym and lifting heavier than I ever had in my previous six years of training. I realized very quickly how fast your body can adapt to new habits and soon found myself craving exercise instead of craving sweets.

I reviewed a bunch of products that I either found ridiculous or interesting and I plan to start that back up again now that I have a couple new things to try out and tell you about.

I started teaching an introductory strength training class at the gym at my school and helped some wonderful ladies along in their weight loss and overall fitness goals, opening their eyes to exercises they’d never imagined doing because they were so wrapped up in an aerobic-exercise-only way of life.

I cut diet soda out of my life for good last January. Since then I have been quite content to drink water only. I won’t deny occasionally (though rarely) craving a pop – especially at the movies – but I really don’t miss it. There’s nothing to miss.

When I started this blog, I said I wanted it to be a place for the “in-betweeners”, the people who are in good shape who just want to stay healthy but might carry around a little something extra in the middle. Obviously, my decision to compete in the WBFF has changed those priorities just slightly but I hope that the “in-betweeners” can still relate to my struggles and maybe feel a little more inspired to know that someone like them can make big changes (because I will, damn it.)

It was February 5, 2012 when I officially made the announcement that I wanted to do a fitness competition but it was still January when I made that decision for myself and I never want to go back to a time when I felt as though I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’m so over being consumed by the things I don’t feel as though I’m capable of. It’s time to let positivity reign!

Let’s take a look at the goals I set for myself back in March and see how far along I am:

Goals (as of March 2012)

In the next six months: (Sept 2012 deadline)
1. Finish my advanced diploma in public relations CHECK! (and with honours!)
2. Work out six times a week (six strength – three cardio)CHECK! (and then some)
3. Eat cleanCHECK-ish.
4. Be able to finally give trainer Cathy that chin up she’s been demanding for years – Still working on this even though I’m no longer training with Cathy (much love to her though)

In the next year:
1. Get a communications job in a health/fitness focused organizationI got a job that supports my goals and interests. That’s close enough for me.
2. Earn my personal training certification  – This project is in motion.
3. Compete in a fitness competition – I will. In May. 😀

There’s still a fitness diva trapped in this chubby body (albeit, slightly less chubby – I’ve lost 43 pounds in the last couple years, after all) and in the next four months I’m going to reveal her to the world. Hopefully you’ll all stick around to see it.

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  1. Brenda

    Julia, your incredible! Inside & out! You inspire me everyday with your workouts and your determination! Watch out fitness world, Julia’s coming! 🙂

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